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Out of everything I wrote this year, here are the 10 most read posts. Be sure to read till the end to receive a personal gift to all my readers—a curated Spotify playlist of my favorite Christian songs of 2022. I love music, and I hope you benefit from these songs as much as I do.

The Top 10 Posts

10) 4 Ways to Fight Mental and Spiritual Attacks like a Puritan

A quote from John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress gives us four ways to stand against the world, the flesh, and the devil.

4 Ways to Fight Mental and Spiritual Attacks like a Puritan
Mental health and spiritual attacks are almost always connected. What we arethinking about, what we are believing, and what we are meditating on are all apart of the Christian’s spiritual battlefield. Look at how Paul describes this spiritual warfare in 2 Corinthians. “We demolish arguments and…

9) A Spiritual Use of the Clear Habit Journal

I’ve always struggled with journaling—until now.

A Spiritual Use of the Clear Habit Journal
I’ve always struggled with journaling—until now. A new tool helps me combine Bible reading, journaling, gratitude, prayers, discipline, and habit tracking. I’ve been using the Clear Habit Journal from James Clear for three months now, and let me show you how I’m using it in my

8) Whip the Devil with the Golden Chain

Romans 8's "Those whom he foreknew, he predestined, called, justified, and glorified" ought to be used in spiritual warfare.

Whip the Devil with the Golden Chain
For those whom he foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, in order that he might be the firstborn among many brothers. And those whom he predestined he also called, and those whom he called he also justified, and those whom he justified he

7) "Whoever": The Funeral of My Sister-in-Law

A portion of what I said at the expected and tragic death of my wife's thirty-year-old sister.

“Whoever”: The Funeral of My Sister-in-Law
My sister-in-law died unexpectedly, tragically, on May 14, 2022. She was thirtyyears old. I’ve done many funerals, but none of them were as difficult to write and overseeas this one. I struggled to find words. I prayed for God to help me find what tosay, how

6) The Best Pens and Highlighters for Your Bible

Fellow nerds rejoice!

The Best Pens & Highlighters for Your Bible
I encourage everyone, as part of their spiritual practices, to write up, mark up, and make notes in their Bible. Writing in your Bible is so helpful. It helps you see what’s there, make connections, remember what you saw, and more. Scribbles can serve as monuments of the Spirit’s work

5) Remember This About Spiritual Fruit

Fruit is a slow growth enterprise—and so are we.

Remember This About Spiritual Fruit
Fruit in the Christian life is essential. We read our Bibles, pray, do good works, love others—Christians exhibit fruit. The produce of the Holy Spirit is guaranteed. God does the work in us, through us, with us. And this is where our struggles with assurance of salvation and frustrations

4) The First Lesson of Prayer

Learning to pray begins with this simple lesson. You can begin right here today.

The First Lesson of Prayer
Learning to pray—and growing in prayer—begins with this simple lesson.

3) The Problem of Gospel-less Gospel-centered Sermons

There is a big difference between preaching in a gospel-centered way and a gospel-explicit way. Preachers need both.

The Problem of Gospel-less Gospel-Centered Sermons
We are in an era of wonderful gospel-centered seminaries, gospel-centered books, gospel-centered ministries, and gospel-centered preaching. But we have a problem. It’s great that people are preaching about Jesus and how salvation comes by grace through faith. Gospel-centered preaching helps people…

2) Don't Title People "Pastor" If They Aren't An Elder

Ecclesiology matters for our spirituality. And churches need to shore up the willy-nilly way they use titles.

Don’t Title People “Pastor” If They Aren’t An Elder
Ministry titles abound in the church today. Student Pastor. Children’s Pastor. Creative Environment Pastor (No idea). Senior Pastor and Worship Pastor are pretty standard fare on the leadership page of a church’s site. And what is also becoming standard is the willy-nilly way people use the word pa…

1) 8 Reasons to Rethink the Song of Songs

By far my most read article this year. Here I give 8 reasons why we should embrace the spiritual sense of the Song of Songs—that this book also sings of Christ's love for the Church.

8 Reasons to Rethink the Song of Songs
The Song of Songs is the most lukewarmly debated book in the Bible. There’s some engagement, but not enough. While the arguments and interpretations of Revelation run red-hot, Song of Songs tends to be entrenched in assumptions. I want you to rethink what you might think about the Song of

Music: Spiritual Theology - Vol. 1

Music is a big part of our spiritual formation. From the Psalms we read, to the songs at Sunday worship, to the tunes we belt in the car, music is embbeded by God into our lives. God wants us pay attention to Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. Music teaches, expresses, and engages the affections. Spiritual Theology - Vol. 1 is filled with songs I enjoyed this year, not just songs that came out this year. Enjoy! Happy New Year!