I encourage everyone, as part of their spiritual practices, to write up, mark up, and make notes in their Bible. Writing in your Bible is so helpful. It helps you see what's there, make connections, remember what you saw, and more. Scribbles can serve as monuments of the Spirit's work in our spirituality, displaying what we are learning and loving. And years from now, you may stumble across a previous note, underline, or jot and be reminded of a spiritual insight, warming and renewing your heart around God's faithfulness. Your children, grandchildren, or spiritual children may flip through that Bible and glean from your spirituality.

Writing in your Bible is so important.

Now, not all pens and highlighters are created equal. While I love a good fountain pen, they arent' the best pen to use for marking up thin Bible pages. A lot of pens put out a lot of ink that can ruin a lot of Bible pages.

So what kind of pens and highlighters should you use? This will be a short post, it’s about writing utensils after all. While I’m a nerd, this post doesn't need to be one paragraph longer than it needs. Let's get started.


My favorite pen is — drumroll please — The Pigma Micron. The Pen of pens.

The .005 series is the finest point they have and it is ideal for marking up your Bible and writing in the margins without bleeding through. I don’t use these pens for any other purpose than writing in my Bible. The points are very fine and very fragile. Pigma has even released a Bible Study Kit available on Amazon.

Now, if you want a pen that will be ideal for writing in your Bible and your journal, signing a receipt, or scribbling notes, MUJI pens are the way to go. I've become a fan of the nice MUJI click pen. It's a solid all-terrain pen.


Highlighters are a tricky game. It’s hard to find Bible-ready highlighters because most aren’t up for the challenge. But Zebrite Mildliners win the prize. They are nice and bright and will not bleed through and have two ends, two ways to mark up. I almost always use the fine point.

What about Pencils?

I’m digging pencils again too. Joe Thorn has a great list of pencils and sharpeners he uses. Lately, I’ve been fond of the Palamino Blackwing Pearl. And you guessed it, they are on Amazon.

Ray Ortlund introduced me to the Rotring Rapid Pro Mechanical Pencil. I love using this little guy too.

Whatever workhorse you pick, put them to work as you learn, love, and live according to the Scriptures.