Now bless the Lord, all you servants of the Lord who stand in the Lord’s house at night! (Psalm 134:1)

What does it mean to bless the Lord? We know the Lord blesses us, but when Psalm 134 tells us to bless him, what are we being invited and commanded to do?

Charles Spurgeon says that to bless the Lord means we, “Think well of Jehovah, and speak well of him. Adore him with reverence, draw near to him with love, delight in him with exultation.” Let’s not under or overthink what it means to bless the Lord. To bless the Lord is to honor and worship him with our thoughts, affections, and actions.

God is blessed by our biblical, doctrinal, mental, affectional, and active spirituality toward him. He loves it.

Let’s meditate on Psalm 134 together and bless him as we do it.


Now. Do not wait to honor the Lord. Right now, today, at this moment, we can bless the Lord with our minds and hearts, and bodies.

Servants of the Lord. We attend to his purposes, his praise, and his mission to make disciples of Jesus to the ends of the earth and the end of the hallway. Lord, our lives our yours. You have a purpose for us, help us to serve you well, to honor you, to live according to your word. We are no longer servants of the World, our Flesh, and the Devil—we are yours.

Lift up your hands in the holy place and bless the Lord! (Psalm 134:2)

Stand…Lift up your hands. This isn’t a metaphor—embody your praise to the Lord. After you are done reading this, lift up your hands and bless the Lord saying, “I love you, Lord! Thank you for loving me first! You are great, mighty, and kind. You are my Savior, Jesus. Thank you for redeeming me. Help me to serve you today. I praise you, my God!” Our Lord welcomes this from us. Stand in gathered worship or in your reading nook and lift your hands, and bless the Lord with your words, voice, and posture.

May the Lord, Maker of heaven and earth, bless you from Zion. (Psalm 134:3)

Maker of heaven and earth. The Psalmist reminds us of a powerful reason to bless the Lord: he is the creator. Have you looked at the latest pictures from the James Webb Telescope? Bless the Lord! Lord, you are wonderful!

Tarantula Nebula


Bless the Lord, brothers and sisters.

When is the last time you enjoyed the brilliant color contrast of tree tops and the blue sky? Bless the Lord! Think about your last deep belly laugh, a great meal with friends, or a sweet time with your family—bless the Lord! Think where you would be without Jesus Christ—bless the Lord!

Take a few moments and bless the Lord. Direct your thoughts and heart toward God and launch your praise toward him. Now.