We've all heard it said that "Leaders are readers." True. And it needs to be said, "Creatures are readers." We are always reading. From reading the weather, facial expressions, reading the room, and books—creatures are readers. We are readers because in the beginning was the Word. God is a writer, revealer, a communicator of his glory. We live out our creatureliness and our being made in God's image when we write and read. Books always communicate two things: 1) The author's message 2) the author's image-of-God-ness and whether it's faithful to God or not.

So, with that little theology of books, here are a few new books I'm excited to share with you. This doesn't always happen, but I can honestly say I've interacted with 5 of the 7 authors in this month's briefs (text, email, meals/coffee, podcasts), and I'm grateful for these men and their work.

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