I love it when I get to feature books from my friends. Brandon Smith has a great book on learning to read the Bible from how it was read in the past. Don Whitney has a new cover for his classic work on the spiritual disciplines. And Dan Steel's new book on church planting is so helpful. I was honored that Dan asked me to write the foreword, which you can read in the Amazon preview or here.

On the Resurrection: Evidences (Vol. 1) by Gary Habermas. "The first volume of Gary Habermas’s magnum opus, On the Resurrection: Evidences represents the culmination of fifty years of research on the probability of Jesus’s resurrection. Using his “minimal facts argument,” Habermas demonstrates why we ought to trust the biblical and historical testimony of Scripture regarding the resurrection. This book is a must-read for pastors, students, and scholars interested in the historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ." Habermas has multiple brilliant and edifying works on the resurrection of Christ. I looking forward to more. Check out these two short books, too: Resurrection as Heart of the New Testament and Resurrection as Heart of the Christian Life.

Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald S. Whitney. "We aren’t meant to wait for holiness―we’re meant to pursue it. God commands Christians to actively 'be holy,' but what does that look like in daily life? Rather than overwhelming legalism or loose boundaries, Don Whitney encourages us to find a practical middle ground through biblical habits. Now updated and revised, this edition offers practical suggestions for cultivating spiritual growth, diving into various biblical practices for the Christian life. Regardless of where you are in your Christian walk, this anniversary edition provides refreshing and profound encouragement for your spirit."

Taught by God: Ancient Hermeneutics for the Modern Church by Brandon D. Smith. "In Taught by God, theologian Brandon D. Smith invites modern Christians to rediscover the early church’s approach to biblical interpretation, not just as an historical relic but as a vibrant means of understanding the Bible today. Smith introduces three “sensibilities” that Christians throughout church history have shared: a concern for Scripture’s very words, its theological and Christological unity, and its importance for the church. Through biblical and historical examples, Taught by God challenges the modern church to read and interpret Scripture with the great cloud of historical witnesses."

Expositional Leadership: Shepherding God's People from the Pulpit by R. Scott Pace and Jim Shaddix. Shepherding a congregation comes with many responsibilities. In addition to preparing weekly sermons, pastors manage church teams and minister to a variety of people with different needs. Attempting to tackle these roles separately can be exhausting and may eventually affect the health of the church. How should leaders integrate their roles to effectively shepherd their congregations? This guide shows pastors how to simplify and strengthen their ministry work by integrating leadership, preaching, and pastoring in biblical exposition.

Wise Church Planting: Twelve Pitfalls to Avoid in Starting New Churches by Dan Steel. "Almost a third of new churches don’t survive 4 years: What’s the problem? What’s gone wrong? External opposition, character qualms, practical barriers, disunity dilemmas, lack of support: these are the struggles reported by those on the front lines of church planting ministry. Stories, scripture, and self–examination shed light on twelve common pitfalls and inspire strategies for planting churches that last. Gathering real experiences and tackling the challenges headfirst, Steel encourages us to step out of the pressured drive for short–term gains and resist the allure of superficial successes."