My (ir)regular writing here at Spiritual Theology will continue to slow down as I work on my dissertation on Charles Spurgeon and his preaching on the Song of Songs. But, I still want to share some great new books with y'all. I'll also have more to share soon about my new books. For now, here are July's books.

Cloud of Witnesses: A Treasury of Prayers and Petitions through the Ages edited by Jonathan W. Arnold and Zachariah Carter.

"To restore a love of historic Christian tradition, theology, and practice, this comprehensive anthology combines prayers and petitions of the greatest figures throughout the formation of the church, continuing through the medieval, Reformation, and modern eras. Editors Jonathan W. Arnold and Zachariah M. Carter provide context for each prayer through expert introductions, commentary, and biographical explorations. Ultimately readers will be encouraged in their faith as they learn the importance of prayer and witness the hearts and struggles of the saints."

The Four Gospels: Jesus, the Hope of the World by Patrick Schreiner

"In The Four Gospels: Jesus, the Hope of the World, Patrick Schreiner demonstrates the critical importance of the gospel narratives, not only as the stories of our Savior, but also as the climax of God’s story. Schreiner’s close and nuanced readings of the Gospels skillfully illustrate how the stories of Jesus, and even his very words, interact with the preceding testimony of Israel. For each Gospel, he provides outlines, an overview of the book’s content, and an examination of theological themes and emphases. Schreiner concludes each chapter with an examination of the Gospel as a discipleship text, giving insight for what it means to follow Jesus."

Waiting Isn't a Waste: The Surprising Comfort of Trusting God in the Uncertainties of Life by Mark Vroegop

"In Waiting Isn’t a Waste, author Mark Vroegop calls believers to resist the human urge for control and lean on Christ for comfort while we wait for the uncertainties of life to unfold. Vroegop explores what it means to wait on God through 6 important characteristics―waiting is hard, common, biblical, slow, commanded, and relational. This book not only teaches readers how to wait on God but inspires them to embrace waiting―for it prompts wisdom from God and brings invaluable peace to the present."

Who Is Our King?: A Jesus Seek and Find Board Book (A FatCat Book) by Todd R. Hains (Author), Natasha Kennedy (Illustrator)

"Who is this baby? Who is this boy? Who is our king? Simple words and fun illustrations in this board book invite toddlers to meet King Jesus. Boys and girls can follow Jesus from his birth to his resurrection and praise he who made us and saved us. And they can search for FatCat and his friends on every page!"

Toddlers need spiritual theology too! I love these series of books from Lexham Press.