My new book, co-authored with my friend Doug Logan, releases in just four weeks, on August 1. And we've also created some free resources for pastors and teams who want to go further into the ideas of The Soul-Winning Church.

If you go to the landing page for the book and put in your email, the publisher will hook you up with:

  • ⛪️ A five-week sermon plan I created for pastors who want to do a sermon series around the vision of becoming a soul-winning church. Each week I give you a theme, potential passages, and applications for the sermon.
  • 🗂️ Case Studies from churches that give practical examples on how they are practicing one of the six areas from the book.
  • 🎙️ Graphics, a podcast, and more.

For pastors and teams that are interested in bulk copies, you can get a good deal directly from the publisher.

  • 10 for $11.90 each (save 30%)
  • 50 for $10.20 each (save 40%)
  • 100 for $8.50 each (save 50%)

We are praying that God will use our book to encourage you and your church to become a soul-winning, evangelistic, conversion-seeing church.