It's a nice 53 degrees in Houston—which is a chilly Christmas for Houston standards. Now that Christmas shopping is full-speed ahead, I want to share some recommendations, my favorite book of the year, and great books for Christian spirituality.

Book of the Year

Reformed Ethics: Created, Fallen, and Converted Humanity (Vol I) by Herman Bavinck

While this was released in 2019, this volume from Bavinck is the best book I've read in 2022. My doctoral studies have me steeped in all kinds of writers on the spiritual life, and for my money, Bavinck is one of the best. Don't let the title fool you. He defines ethics in a way that is about living the regenerated life before God and neighbor. And the second part of this volume (Book II) is all about the spiritual life, the converted humanity. He addresses various ways the spiritual life is pursued, how we get imbalanced, the role of the word, prayer, and other spiritual disciplines. Here's the table of contents for the second half of this book.

While talking about the Trinity and Christian spirituality, Bavinck makes a profound point on how the spiritual life of Christians avoids yawns and boredom because we commune with the Trinity. "The spiritual life always moves among these three persons and is therefore a genuinely rich life, rich in diversity, without monotony" (250). Get this book!

Here are some of my favorite books that I've read recently in the area of spirituality:

Books for Christian Spirituality

Reading for Spiritual Theology
We need a retrieval of spiritual theology. Spiritual theology attends to thecause and effect and affections of Christian theology. When theology is done inspirit and in truth, we are affected in heart, soul, mind, and strength. Lovegrows larger, and our living grows more congruent with the ways
Another list full of recommendations spanning church history.

Books for Young Kids

Other Lists for Books of the Year

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My Favorite Reads of 2021
My reading list looks a lot different this year. Only two of my ten titles werenot connected to my reading in the Ph.D. program in biblical spirituality atSouthern Seminary. I didn’t have a chance to read a lot of the great new booksthat came out this